Understand the Journey Your Customers are on with Analytics

We live in a data-driven world. And the brands that are turning their data into valuable, actionable insights are the ones getting ahead. The key? Analytics.

Powerful analytics technology is helping more teams understand their users, analyze their behavior, then use this information to create memorable customer experiences. After all, your customers are on a journey. With more devices and channels sending customers to your website and toward a conversion, the right analytics strategy is more useful than ever.

Analytics tools help you make more data-driven decisions.

This is going to sound harsh, but it’s true: data isn’t worth anything if it isn’t being acted on in order to drive results. You can collect all the data points in the world, but if you aren’t examining them and drawing conclusions from them, you’re wasting your time.

With a program like Google Analytics, you have the technology you need to make sense of your data. For example, maybe you want to access reports that will tell you how users are behaving across their devices. You might find that users are accessing your site on their phone more than you expected. With this insight in mind, you might decide it’s worth it to work on improving your site’s mobile version.

Analytics tools give you a deeper understanding of performance.

Where are users leaving your site? How long are they staying on a given page? What pages are performing well with long session durations and consistent engagement — and which pages are stalling the customer journey and causing users to drop out of the funnel? Without an analytics strategy, you might simply be guessing and hoping for the best. But with data-driven solutions you can pinpoint exactly where the problems are then get to work on solving them.

Analytics tools enable personalized site experiences.

Ask any digital marketer and they’ll tell you personalization is the future. Do you have the tools you need to meet this brave new world head on? Well with more data at our fingertips, we can understand users on a deeper level — and segment these users based on specific characteristics.

For instance, maybe there’s a group of users who have been to your site before and filled their cart with products — but abandoned their cart before actually making a purchase. Now you can create a segment of users known as “cart abandoners.” To encourage a purchase on their subsequent site visit, maybe you want to deliver a special promotion to this segment of users. Similarly, you might find you want to personalize based on the user’s geographic location or whether or not they’re a loyal customer who’s been to your site repeatedly.

Analytics tools can get your team on the same page.

The best analytics strategies are collaborative, taking advantage of tools that make it easy to share insights seamlessly. You might find that certain team members notice details that other team members miss. And working with analytics solutions that help you make visualizations of your data make it easier to center your team’s discussions around data-driven insights.

Analytics has the opportunity to transform your decision-making process and the very culture of your business. Instead of crawling around in the dark, merely guessing what your customers want, you can let quantifiable conclusions guide the way.

Analytics isn’t the future. It’s the now. And teams across industries are using analytics to transform their business outcomes. Are you ready to join them? Then learn more here about how a relationship with Slight Revision can give you access to the analytics tools you need to take on the competition.