Across the web, there’s no shortage of WordPress hosting options. Considering that more than a third of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress technology, service providers of all shapes and sizes seek to empower individuals and businesses to make the most out of their websites.

For most organizations, relying on services that offer a good value is often essential to the bottom line. And when tasked with setting up and running a website in perpetuity, WordPress hosting that appears to cost pennies on the dollar can seem like a surefire way to save money on a necessary product.

Unfortunately, not all WordPress hosts are created equal. More often than not, cheap WordPress hosts live up to their low-advertised price by offering bare-bone services, nickel-and-diming customers on additional features, or even raising prices after a low introductory rate.

A professional WordPress partner, on the other hand, seeks to craft a long-term relationship that puts the interests of your organization first. Rather than rendering your business as yet another customer service number in the back of the queue, a robust WordPress partnership can help ensure that your website is professionally designed, well-maintained, and available around-the-clock.

The benefits (and drawbacks) of cheap WordPress hosting

For what appears to be less than pocket change, many low-cost WordPress hosts advertise a full suite of hosting services that often appear to be too good to be true. And more often than not, that appearance is the reality.

Just like a cable television package, a few months of promotional WordPress hosting pricing often gives way to a much higher monthly rate — and requires additional investments for additional features. Frequent backups, detailed analytics reports, and staging environments aren’t always included in a base package price, which can quickly turn an attractive hosting fee into an expensive monthly headache.

Many discount hosts also boast about the ease of one-click maintenance, seemingly enabling you to install, design, and publish an entire website in seconds. But in reality, these solutions can often leave novice users without the guidance they need to get their site up and running — and in the interest of saving a few dollars a month, you’ll be stuck navigating outdated documentation or customer support chat rooms in order to get your site off the ground.

The benefits of robust WordPress partnerships

Partnering with a WordPress host that’s focused on making your business succeed can help ensure the long-term success of your website. Rather than trusting an anonymous hosting package, a robust partnership with an experienced WordPress expert like Slight Revision can deliver effortless migrations, frequent backups, and enhanced security that organizations rely on to grow their businesses.

Although many discount hosts offer a grab-bag of themes and plugins that offer capabilities of varying quality, a premium WordPress host knows the best, highest-quality tools to radically improve the functionality and experience of any WordPress site. And when it comes to security, improving site speeds, and delivering detailed analytics to help meet the goals of your organization, a partnership with a WordPress expert that’s just a phone call away can help you get far more out of your web presence than a large provider of cheap server space.

Finally, a robust WordPress partnership can also understand the role of your business in the greater community. Slight Revision proudly serves businesses throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and has an understanding and affection for the needs of the local market. Rather than hiring a faceless server on the other side of the world, a robust WordPress partner like Slight Revision is pleased to do business with our neighbors and make a positive impact on the region.

Choose the right WordPress partner for your business

It’s easy to be tempted by an affordable up-front offer for cheap WordPress hosting. But for organizations that require constant uptime, e-commerce capabilities, or sprawling databases of existing content, treating an incredibly important investment in web hosting like that of a common utility can greatly hold back your business.

By partnering with a WordPress host that’s dedicated to your unique business needs, regular maintenance, frequent backups, and consultations on the best tools and practices for your site will be able to help your organization reach its intended goals.

With 20 years of experience designing and hosting websites, Slight Revision takes pride in partnering with local businesses for best-in-class business WordPress hosting. From design to reputation management, Slight Revision can also help local businesses take greater control over their online presence. For more details about our WordPress hosting, digital marketing, and other online services, contact Slight Revision today!