Whether you’re just getting started or if you are a company that has been in business for a while, you’re constantly learning a lot about yourself, your business, your industry and how you function and operate within it. You know what your customers like and what they want and need. Your business is your life and you love every minute of it.

So, why aren’t you rich and famous yet? Why hasn’t your business name reached the top of some ‘fastest growing businesses’ list?

We want to help you reach your full potential, bring you strategic guidance and technological advances that can improve your overall performance. We want to help stack the deck in your favor so that your business can realize more opportunities and even more success than you may already have experienced.

We approach things from the inside-out, looking first to you and your passion. A typical relationship with Slight Revision involves:

Discovering the truth about your passion; your business, and help find your your voice
Discussing ways to promote the one true voice of your business
Construct a web presence that best enhances your business and allows you to do more
Providing you with tools to stay ahead, manage your successes and more

Slight Revision exists because of passion. We have a passion for making businesses work and function better; whether that be through an online presence, through your marketing materials or just your general sales. We are strategic thinkers, dreamers and wannabe philosophers; we dream big and think bigger. We want to make you a success just as much as we want to be a success ourselves.

Normal companies don’t get noticed very often. Normal companies eventually get purchased by bigger, better thinkers; eaten by the smarter, faster and more fierce competition. At Slight Revision like helping; we like brainstorming; and we like talking about your business as much as we like talking about ours.

New ideas inspire us and make us all better, and in the end, that’s what we’re here for; to make each other better. But not just by a small amount. That would be too easy! Let’s make each other better by multiples of 10. Let’s help each other generate more business to the point that it becomes necessary to hire more employees or build another building. That’s the level of success we seek. Let’s make it happen together!

You may be thinking what many other Slight Revision clients have thought…”I can do it myself. I can figure this out. I’ve seen ads on TV to build my own website and host it for $3.99 a month! How hard can it be?”

First of all, we’re not looking to just build you a website; we want to partner with you and help you to improve your business as much as possible. Sure, we’ve built websites for companies since 1998…but in that time, we’ve had so many varied business experiences. We’ve learned tips and techniques that can help you to use technology to make your business more productive, more streamlined, seamless; give you the look of a business 10 times your size…all while making you look good too.

Many other “design” firms and inexpensive WYSIWYG editing sites can provide you with extremely low cost options; and consequently little input, advice or support.

However, with Slight Revision, after a thorough investigation of your business and better understanding the needs for your web presence, we will help you to craft the right option for your business that is designed to fit your specific needs and offer you options, tips and suggestions for future development for your web presence, but also for your business.

Once we have agreed upon a course of action proper for your business, we are able to develop your project in a very aggressive and timely fashion, usually within three (3) to six (6) weeks. And while not the norm, we have been known to create an entire site in a single day in certain situations.

Your business is more to you than just a paycheck, it’s your passion. Similarly, your “website” and your marketing should be more than just a site, it should be a complete customer experience; your website, for example, is the digital sales person for your company; available to the public 24/7/365.

We have a passion for making businesses more intuitive, responsive, nimble and approachable. Most of all, for us, business (and life) is all about relationships. And we want to engage in one with you and your business.